Which Mockup?
mockup 1

Hello!We’re making a BIG change in the art direction for the game. So were playing with some style variations.Which mockup do you like better?We are leaning towards A.

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Jackpot timelapse
jackpot timelapse

Hello!Here is a Timelapse from the rest of Score Systems explained in:http://kemonogames.com/2017/01/29/hello-in-this-post-were-gonna-talk-about-the/Aside from the eyesore color effect of the Jackpot and score spam we saw some problems in this first iteration.The fruits were dropped each three defeated enemies, but that saturated more the player interface and produced a spam of fruits as you can see […]

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Fruit Timelapse
fruit timelapse

Hello!Here is a Timelapse from the first implementation of the Fruit Score System explained in:http://kemonogames.com/2017/01/29/hello-in-this-post-were-gonna-talk-about-the/

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