Short Plasma Beam Tutorial
nom nom plasma beams

uheartbeastreplied to your video “Nom Nom Nom Delicious Plasma Beams.”This is lovely! How did you pull that off? Oh thanks,The theory consists of using a Texture Quad with a repeat flag and scroll UV on the X axis to simulate the laser movement.On Godot Engine the easiest way is:- Create a 2d Sprite.- Load repeatable texture […]

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Plasma Beams
plasma beams

Because We love the Lasers Plasma Beams from Ikaruga We tried to imitate the same effect in pixel art. Here is a video preview of the Plasma Beam assets.

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Laser remake
laser remake

It’s time to remake the awful lasers from our first implementation. The theory consists of using a Texture Quad with a repeat flag and resize it on the X axis to simulate the laser movement. The video show the first implementation of this approximation.

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Tileset Upgrade
tileset upgrade

The final version of the tileset, we discarded the Godot’s ones and replaced them with individual sprites. For our later level requirements the performance is much better.  

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More tilesets
more tilesets

The first tileset version looked awful. Glad we burned it with fire.Also on some stages a requirement is animated tilesets and reactive tilesets which change on hit. Both of those requirements after this test doesn’t work well with godot, so we replaced the Godot tilesets with bigger sprites, much like aquaria.

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Drawing tiles
drawing tiles

For drawing tiles using image instances in Photoshop like the ones in the last video:Left Click on the tile layerConvert to Smart ObjectCopy the Smart Object Layer 9 times on a 3×3 gridLeft Click on one of the Smart Object Layers and select Edit ContentsSeparate the 3×3 grid window and the one with the Smart […]

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