Scoring Systems
scoring systems

Hello!In this post we’re gonna talk about the score mechanics.Our first idea was a system based in objectives. For example, if the player fires 1000 bullets, the next enemy killed will drop a Fruit related to that objective. This system was discarded before implementation because is too difficult to keep track of so many objectives […]

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S.Bark Timelapse
s bark timelapse

The corgi can shoot a precise bullet known as “S.Bark”. This special bullet is not upgrade dependant and is always available when the player Taps the shoot button. S.Bark’s main use is to gather fruits, reveal some secrets and avoid “anti-bullet-spam hazards” in some stages.

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Power Ups Timelapse
power ups timelapse

Hello!We’re working on the collectibles for the game, Power ups, Fruits, Coins, etc.Here is a timelapse showing the development of the power ups.More details of these in:

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Power up bar
power up bar

Hello!In this post we’re gonna talk about the Power Up bar.The corgi can be upgraded following three different paths. Each path is portrayed by Red, Green and Blue Power Ups that can be dropped by some enemies.When the player collect a color power up, the cursor moves forward one category.The player can then activate the […]

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Happy New Year
intro ship assets

Happy New Year from Kemono Games.Aside from the festivities we had some progress in the last few months:Made some assets for a score prototype.Polished the absorb/time stop mechanic based in prototype feedback.Quality of life changes to our level editor like Triggered events.An almost finished the first implementation of Score Systems.

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