How we edit levels
edit levels

Here is how we edit levels in Godot Engine, first we make a mockup of the level, digitize it with correct proportions and put it as a guide inside the editor, then we place each asset following the image as reference.This image is the first version of the alpha level, a temporal level with the […]

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design sketchbook

Here is a collage from the design sketchbook, as you can see there are some ideas for enemy patterns and first iterations of levels.Also, please don’t mind the messy drawings, most of these were drawn a year ago during very long commutes.

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Inefficient Lasers
inefficient lasers

This implementation of lasers consists of multiple bullets (~50 per laser) using additive blending, which is highly inefficient. Later on we replaced these lasers with optimized ones.

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Shooting System
shooting system

Our implementation for the shooting system is basically a barrage type object which spawn bullet type objects.This video is one of our first tests with bullets in Godot Engine, with two barrage types shooting multiple bullets.

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