Absorb mechanic
absorb mechanic

Hello Guys!In this post we’re gonna talk about the absorb mechanic, also know as “parry”, and some the design decisions behind it. This mechanic can be tested in our latest prototype:https://kemonogames.itch.io/protocorgi-old-parry-prototypeWhen the player taps the absorb button the corgi will be able to absorb every bullet that hits him during a small time window, bullets […]

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Protocorgi Parry Prototype
prototype header

Hello Guys,We have just released a prototype of Protocorgi, this is a stripped-down version of the game to test the Absorb and Time Stop mechanics. Another purpose of this prototype is to check the performance across different OS.You can download it from:https://kemonogames.itch.io/protocorgi-old-parry-prototypeWe are looking forward to receive your feedback. 

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What is a SHMUP without “option” helpers, we have that too, is the fifth slot on the powerup bar. The options work as follows: When moving forward or backward the options will orbit in the opposing direction. In the video is the first implementation of the orbit behavior without taking the player movement into account. 

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Plasma beam size
plasma beam size

More details about the Plasma Beam behaviors in the game, the Plasma Beams get shorter on every hit.In the video when the Plasma Beam hits a Popcorn enemy, it will stop for a single frame and it’s length will shorten. When the body size is smaller than a threshold, the Plasma Beam disappears.

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