Why 480×270?

One of the most important aspects of a game is the display resolution, for Protocorgi we looked at some arcade and console display specifications. After a bit of research we modeled this comparison chart:So we chose a starting resolution (1920×1080) and divided it by multiple factors looking for the most adequate one to fit a 16:9 ratio. […]

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How did Protocorgi Start?
ancient test

Hello!.On this post we’re gonna talk about how our current game Protocorgi was conceived, a first glance into a description from of our brainstorming document dated June 10, 2013. It read as follows:Corgi Shooter: parody of 80’s and 90’s shooters, based on different stages and systems from multiple shmups.Our interpretation for this description is a game […]

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Hello World!

Hello World!Hello!.Welcome to the Kemono Games devblog, the main hub for our company, here we will post about the company’s games progress and other topics.About the company history back in the day we worked on gamedev companies and IT related jobs, always dreaming about making games like the ones we enjoyed on our childhood, think […]

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