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Welcome to the Kemono Games devblog, the main hub for our company, here we will post about the company’s games progress and other topics.

About the company history back in the day we worked on gamedev companies and IT related jobs, always dreaming about making games like the ones we enjoyed on our childhood, think about 198X-199X period with arcade games, snes, genesis and computer games. Some of us were constantly brainstorming and coming up with gameplay ideas on our spare time, so one day we decided to go full time on our projects and started this company.

We have always loved the fun 2D action games with a strong arcade gameplay, because of that our goal as company is to develop games following a design philosophy around this subject.

Our first project is Protocorgi, a Horizontal Shoot ‘Em Up for PC where you control a Cyborg Corgi on his journey through space while fighting against a vicious alien invasion. The Game is mostly inspired by multiple action games from Treasure and Konami. More details about this project here: http://www.protocorgi.com

You can follow us and our progress on:

Main Hub: http://www.kemonogames.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KemonoGames

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kemonogames

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