Hello Everyone,

Mission Control here! first of all we want to thanks to all of you who has purchased and supported ProtoCorgi. The game was released in july 15th and since them the reception of the game has been mostly positive, and we’re really happy and proud for that.

So, we are working on the version 1.1 of the game. This patch will be focused on improvements and solutions to the common issues we see looking at the livestreams and comments of the game. This is a sneak preview of what we’re working.

The first big change is the revamped Pause menu! We know that some people have been confused by the original ProtoCorgi pause screen. To remedy that we decided to made a new redesigned pause menu. We changed the color of the message tooltip to brown and the possibility of modifying some options without the need to leave a session.

One of those new options is brightness support. This change aims to make the game more accessible, as we heard some players had trouble distinguishing enemies, bullets and the background. We hope this can fix some visual problems on ProtoCorgi.

The new five options are:

Background brightness = self explained
Effects brightness = brightness on explosions, particles, full screen explosions, etc
Snack brightness = brightness of the snacks that orbit around Bullet’s combo
Ally bullet brightness = brightness of player shots
Score brightness = brightness of the score texts that come out when you get points

Probably the biggest change is in the BARK shoot: the original bark is designed as a neutral, low power, safe shoot, just in case the weapon upgrade picked is not the best. The bark can be used to pick fruits and reveal hidden chests. The bark is also consumed in this action, as we placed the chests in a way that they should not block user shoots from approaching enemies. Still as we have multiple difficulties with level designs changes, this is not easy doable and there is still missing places where the user can get killed by the chests or fruits consuming bark bullets.

The most offending place we can think of is the one shown in this video in pup/puppest difficulties:

So we could balance the whole game by moving the chest in different difficulties to fix the problem or we could redesign the bark in a way that this doesn’t happen.

We choose the second option. We plan to implement the HYPERBARK mechanic, when the Bark bullet hits a fruit or a chest, instead of consuming the bark, the bark gets powered up, increasing the size and the damage and this can be chained.

We think this is the best solution for the problem that creates new strategies and open for better level design ideas with the chests.

There is also some small changes and some surprises that we don’t want to reveal right now, but those are by far the most important. Of course we are open for feedback if you want to suggests some ideas, and please don’t forget that we have an official ProtoCorgi FAQ in our website that we’re updating from time to time. For our latest news about ProtoCorgi we have our official Twitter and Facebook sites. Also if you want to meet the ProtoCorgi community we also have our Discord and our forums on Steam.

Once again thanks for your support! let’s keep spreading the love for Bullet!


*Space Control signing off. Over*

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