Hello Everyone,

Mission Control here!

We are pleased to announce that ProtoCorgi version 1.1 is out!. This patch is composed of new features and improvements to the common issues we spotted in the game. Thanks to all of you for your feedback!. This patch has over a hundred fixes!. Here are the highlighted changes:

New Content:

Change gameplay rules with Mutators!

Do you want to play against the time for score, a pacifist mode with his own rules, shoot only bark instead of using a turbo control, disable or revert features from the patch 1.1?, Mutators does that.

Caravan Mode Mutator:

Bullet has a timebomb that will explode!. Adds time limit to the game. When active, add the timer to Campaign stage, Training Stages and ProtoCorgi Maker stages. This combined with the Training power up selection and abilities mutators, creates interesting short score runs. Default value is OFF.

Unstoppable Caravan Mutator:

If activated, stop time doesn’t stop the caravan timer. Default value is OFF.

Pacifist Mutator:

Disables damaging abilities from the player. Default value is OFF.

Overhaul of the pacifist mode, now it's a real gamemode. Changes the following rules:

  • Absorbed bullets give 10000 points.
  • Absorbed bullets reduce the boss timer by 1 second for each one.
  • Increased enemy bullets speed.
  • Changes bosses patterns.
  • Forces the game to one continue.

If the game is completed in this mode, the pacifist achievement is always awarded.
As a recommendation, unlock all abilities before trying this mode, use absorb to reveal hidden chests and don't be ashamed to lower the difficulty.

Bark Only Mutator:

Players can only bark and use animal spirit/absorb/stop time/bombs. Default value is OFF.

Changes the following rules:

  • Hold shot replaced by a turbo bark.
  • Forces the game to one continue.

This mutator is aimed to help users to unlock the Bark only achievement and collet 500 fruits achievement.

Hyper Bark Mutator:

When the BARK bullet hits a chest or a fruit, the BARK powers up, increasing its damage and size. This can be chained. Default value is ON.

Auto Bomb Mutator:

If the player has a bomb without use, that bomb is automatically used on death with a bit of invulnerability time instead of dying. Basically bombs are an extra life. Default value is ON.

Score Extra Lives Mutator:

Get extra lives from the score!. Extra lives at 500000, 2000000, 5000000, 10000000, 25000000, 50000000, 75000000, 100000000 points and then for every 100000000 points. Default value is ON.

Fruit Extra Lives Mutator:

Get extra lives for every 100 fruits!. Default value is ON.

Here is a video showcasing Auto Bomb, Score Extra lives, Fruit Extra lives and the new game over screen:

Animal Spirit Mutator:

Enable or disable the animal spirit without resetting the game. Default value is Enabled.

Absorb and Stop Time Mutator:

Enable Stop Time and absorb/Enable absorb/Disable. Changes the absorb/stop time state without resetting the game. Default value is Enable Stop Time and absorb.

New Features!

Sound Test Mode:

Bullet is hosting an intergalactic Party and you are invited!
At this party you can relax listening to the ProtoCorgi’s music and sounds!

Improved Game Soundtrack:

Inspired by the warm reception, Francisco Cerda has achieved the seemingly impossible by enhancing ProtoCorgi’s soundtrack!. To hear a preview of the improvement, check out this video showcasing a comparison between the old and new version of the High Scores song:

Power Up training selection:

Select the starting power ups before a training stage!

Improved accesibility:

Revamped Pause menu! We know that some people have been confused by the original ProtoCorgi pause screen. To remedy that we decided to made a new redesigned pause menu. We changed the color of the message tooltip to brown and the possibility of modifying some options without the need to leave a session.

One of those new options is brightness support. This change aims to make the game more accessible, as we heard some players had trouble distinguishing enemies, bullets and the background. We hope this can fix some visual problems on ProtoCorgi.
The new options are:

Hitbox minimum opacity = how visible is the player hitbox when it is far from danger.
Background brightness = self explained.
Effects brightness = brightness on explosions, particles, full screen explosions, etc.
Snack brightness = brightness of the snacks that orbit around Bullet’s combo.
Ally bullet brightness = brightness of player shots.
Score brightness = brightness of the score texts that come out when you get points.

Code for State and Options of the game:

The game offers a code visible all the time that represents the state and options of the game, this was implemented for debugging purposes, but we exposed it for streamers and score runs.

The code visible in the picture (C221000HASFAS-LP-) means a setting or achievement state for each letter.
Here is the list of possible values:
Letter 1: is Tutorial (L),is Training (T), is Training section (S), is Campaign (C), is a ProtoCorgi Maker Level (E)
Letter 2: Difficulty level, a number from 1 to 9, where 1 is easiest mode and 9 is the hardest.
Letter 3: Starting lives, a number from 1 to 9.
Letter 4: Starting continues, a number from 1 to 9.
Letter 5: Unstoppable caravan mutator enabled (U), Disabled (0)
Letter 6: Pacifist mutator enabled (P), Disabled (0)
Letter 7: Bark Only mutator enabled (B), Disabled (0)
Letter 8: Hyper Bark mutator enabled (H), Disabled (0)
Letter 9: Auto Bomb mutator enabled (A), Disabled (0)
Letter 10: Score Extends mutator enabled (S), Disabled (0)
Letter 11: Fruit Extends mutator enabled (F), Disabled (0)
Letter 12: Animal Spirit mutator enabled (A), Disabled (0)
Letter 13: Stop Time and Absorb mutator enabled (S), Absorb only mutator enabled (A), Disabled (0)
Letter 14: Bark achievement state: (-) waiting for bark, the user should bark at least one time to unlock the bark achievement. (B) Bark achievement active. Red cross over the letter means the achievements have been lost.
Letter 15: One Life achievement state: (L) achievement active. Red cross over the letter means the achievements have been lost.
Letter 16: Pacifist achievement state: (P) achievement active. Red cross over the letter means the achievements have been lost.
Letter 17: Finish the game in a specific difficulty achievement state: (-) difficulty too low for the achievement. (H) corgiest difficulty achievement active. (I) ultra nightmare difficulty achievement active. Red cross over the letter means the achievements have been lost.

Fixes and Balance:

  • Change side is unlocked from the start and it's faster.
  • Increased the invulnerability time and improved the visual effect. Shows a shield animation when the player has respawned or an auto bomb has been triggered.
  • Improved the power up attraction algorithm
  • Improved power ups clarity, icons better represents each power up type, the player has visually different satellites for each power up and spawn an informative text with which power up has been picked up.
  • Added input buffering for the Bark bullet, this fixes the feeling of "losing input" when mashing the Bark.
  • Absorb can reveal hidden chests, this creates a way to get chest fruits in pacifist mode.
  • Absorbed bullets award 100 points. It's more a tool for showing how many bullets are absorbed than a score feature. In pacifist mode this score is 10000 and is one of the ways to get extra lives.
  • Game uploads the high score and fruit score from the best continue instead of the last one, and the pause menu shows the current best continue score.
  • Bark customization is available from the start.
  • Increased the power of the Player missiles, options and bombs. This fixes the feeling of being weak with certain power ups combinations.
  • Bosses have a timer per phase and score per phase instead per battle. This makes pacifist runs more fun to watch and open more scoring options.
  • Bosses and big enemies have overall less health, but they are more aggressive, and some boss patterns have been changed.
  • Stage 1 Section 2, Stage 2 Section 4a and Stage 2 Section 2 reworked because of the power increment of the player.
  • Fixed repeated highscores in the leaderboards.
  • Added support for the visible inputs for the smaller hud.

There are hundreds of fixes and changes, if you want to read all of them, they are available here: ProtoCorgi 1.1 Full Patch Notes.
This concludes today’s transmission. However, remember that we have an official ProtoCorgi FAQ on our website, which we update periodically. For the latest news about ProtoCorgi, follow us on our official Twitter and Facebook pages, and if you want to meet the ProtoCorgi community, we’ve got you covered with our Discord channel and our Steam forums.

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