Hello Everyone,

Mission Control here! Bullet and Nixie are still working on deliver the Switch version for the best possible, one-of-a-kind ProtoCorgi experience! Until then here is a small peek in the new updated windows demo with many changes implemented thanks to your feedback.

Download the latest ProtoCorgi demo from Steam:


This update syncs the changes from the demo with the full version. This is one year of changes ported to the demo version! Here is a small summary of the changes.

ProtoCorgi Demo version 1.0.221 Changelog: 

  • HD Hud implemented. No more blurry text.
  • Multiple Resolution and aspect ratio support. Change resolution at Options.
  • ??? Doglike powerups ???.
  • PlayStation controller support. Change button prompts at options.
  • Multiple Gamepad support.
  • ProtoCorgi Maker overhaul.
  • Animal Spirit behavior changed:
    • Don't change sides when picking the Animal Spirit.
    • Holding the Animal Spirit button lets the player change sides without the Animal Spirit attached.
  • Added language support for: ??Spanish (Spain), ??Spanish (LA), ??Japanese, ??Italian, ??French, ??German, ??Portuguese, ??Chinese, ??Korean, ??Russian, ??Polish.
  • Changed demo progress unlock conditions.
  • Fixed demo Eye Guardian bounce bugs.
  • Over 200 bugs fixed and optimizations.

And if you like our work, don’t forget to add ProtoCorgi to your wishlist!.

*Mission Control, over*

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