Hello Guys!

Here is a new update of the ProtoCorgi Demo!, and this is a big one!

We fixed almost all of the bugs, better powerup management, giant fruits, some optimizations and reworked the menu with more options!
Feels like a new game now!

Download the latest version from Steam!:


or itch.io:


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Detailed Changelog:

  • When the player get a new powerup drop the old one at max level.
  • Anemone body health is reduced in later difficulties making them harder to deal with homing missiles.
  • Added giant fruits.
  • Menu reworked with framerate, full screen, screen scale and many more options!.
  • Pool most used scenes at start.
  • Reworked bullet system, fixes bullet layering problems, bullets dying if the enemy dies or anemone plasma beams outside sceen/after eye dying.
  • Fixed black hole attraction, detached anemone eyes work as intended now.
  • Fixed analog not working in menu.
  • Added secret codes.
  • Enemies can't be damaged or damage player outside screen. No more turret snails dying outside screen doing nothing.
  • Animations don't run if the objects are outside screen.

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