Hello Guys!

We updated the ProtoCorgi Demo! 

We implemented many changes from initial version (0.16), the most relevant ones are a complete rework of systems and difficulty, change side holding a button, lock option rotation, progression, shorten tutorials, full screen support and more! 

Download the latest version from Steam, avalaible now for Mac and Linux!:


or itch.io:


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Detailed Changelog:

  • ❤❤❤ Hitbox is represented now by a heart ❤❤❤
  • Fixed Mac and Linux Steam depots.
  • Options rotation lock added when the player is shooting.
  • Shield Bomb damages enemies and makes the player invulnerable.
  • Overdrive Bomb orbs damage enemies.
  • Better difficulty curve, more easy at early levels, same difficulty at end levels.
  • Shorten tutorials.
  • Fish ship master can't shot behind.
  • Turret snail shot are limited in early difficulties.
  • Greatly reduced Guardian Eye Boss health points in early difficulties.
  • Added full screen support (alt + enter).
  • Added more music.
  • Reworked suicide bullet system.
  • Reworked the speed of bullets and enemies in all difficulties.
  • Added alt, shift and control key support.
  • QoL galore.
  • Reworked the powerup system.
  • Player could change side holding Animal Spirit button.
  • Magnet behavior for fruits and  player death drops.
  • Added progression.
  • QoL changes.
  • Highscores per difficulty.
  • Demo uploaded.

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