scoring systems


In this post we’re gonna talk about the score mechanics.

Our first idea was a system based in objectives. For example, if the player fires 1000 bullets, the next enemy killed will drop a Fruit related to that objective. This system was discarded before implementation because is too difficult to keep track of so many objectives while dodging bullets.

This was a replaced by three score systems:

Fruit Scoring System: Fruits are the base for multiply scores, each fruit has a unique base score and could be collected by touch or barking  them.

Fruits can be spawned by:

  • Killing all enemies in a group.
  • Killing a big enemy.
  • Barking at hidden objects will spawn a Fruit after some hits.

Jackpot Scoring System: After collecting 5 fruits the Jackpot minigame will become active for a few seconds. In this mode each enemy drops a Coin. The bonus will stack if the player collects another 5 fruits in the duration and each stack increases all points scored.

Combo Scoring System: All score is multiplied by the combo value. The combo is increased by each collected fruit.

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